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Friday, September 24, 2010

Some Thoughts Before The Race

So the day has finally come.  The Berryman 36hour Adventure Race starts today, not sure what time but the countdown clock on the Check Point Tracker website seems to indicate a midnight start.  Looks like we  will be getting to experience extreme fatigue and rain at the same time on Saturday night.  I'm glad it won't be raining at start time though, overcoming our inexperience and settling into a groove will be difficult enough without have to deal with the rain also.
Our main focus will be to find the first check point and then go from there.  I have picked up many pointers along the way and received much wisdom from more experienced racers, that I know will save our team from making some rookie mistakes but when it comes down to it pointers and wisdom don't run the race.  It comes down to "boots on the ground".
Having a team makes a race like this much easier.  There are people who do races like this solo but I just don't think that is for me.  If I want to compete solo why not run another foot race?  The team aspect of adventure racing appeals to me for the simple fact that when you are unsure you have someone to turn to, if they are unsure at least you are in it together.
It is currently 0551hrs and I pretty much have everything left to do before I leave.  I started to get everything ready last night but, didn't want to leave everything in the truck overnight and didn't feel like staging everything in the living room only to have to move it to the truck this morning.  I have time to get everything ready plus we aren't leaving until sometime around noon anyway so this will keep me from being bored waiting around to leave.  In another hour or so I will start getting my gear together.
Food.  I have some. Not as much thought went into this as should have.  I have plenty of Rokit Fuel, and Honey Stinger, but I should probably bring something else.  PBH sandwiches, soup, chips, maybe a 2liter of Cherry Dr Pepper?
Whatever happens this race will be awesome!  It is by far the biggest and most intense race I have ever entered.  The only other race that comes close is the Berryman 50mile.
This could go on forever so I will end with a quote from Hometown Hero, IronMan (woman), Sometime Teammate, and Friend Robin Rongey "...sometimes you have to get in over your head to realize that you're not really in over your head at all." 
Thanks Robin, and I'm glad you are going to take your own advice and do the MR340 with us.

One more thing:
You will be able to track our progress at the following link http://www.checkpointtracker.com/events/43 we are team POW/MIA (in case you haven't read any other posts).

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