"For an occurrence to become an adventure, it is necessary and sufficient for one to recount it." ~ Jean-Paul Sartre

Friday, May 31, 2013

Rt. 66 10k

I may not be running Kettle Moraine tomorrow but next weekend I will be running the Rt 66 10k in Edwardsville, Illinois home of the 100+Project.  The MetroMilers do an absolutely fantastic job with this race.  Every year it just gets better and better.  So if you are in the neighborhood you should get signed up and get ready to run.

I hear that there have been some changes to the course this year but I have been assured they are only minor tweaks as opposed to a full blown re-route.  In the past the course has always been fair, not pancake flat but not brutally hilly either.  If you've never run a 10k before this would be an ideal start.  The 10k is a great distance because it is long enough to feel the distance yet short enough to feel comfortable with pushing the pace.

Because I haven't done much running this year I will be out there just to have fun, and possibly wage a little guerilla warfare on the Team Godzilla aid station.  Around mile four the Metro Tri Club puts on one of the best aid stations in the region, if not the country.  Armed with water guns and silly string the plucky group of volunteers welcome you as you exit the MCT tunnel, with refreshing water and sports drink.  Most people are good sports about the water guns and silly string and the worst punishment is dealt to "friends" and fellow Metro Tri Club members.  That being said don't think you will escape without getting a little bit wet.  It really is a party atmosphere that people talk about all year long.
If you have a water gun of your own maybe you'd like to join while a dish out a little punishment of my own as I run through.  Last year it was a lot of fun, but I think this year they might have something special planned for me.

It really is a great race and I hope you can make it.
See you there!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Great Ideas

Ever have a good idea for a post?  I'm talking about a game changer.  The type of post that makes people stand up and take notice.  An idea that is so ground breaking that there's no need to write it down because something this profound is impossible to forget.  Have you ever had an idea like that?  Well have you?

I have.

But I forgot what it was.

Maybe I should have written it down.  Actually there is no maybe about it, I should have written it down.  In this modern age we live in I really don't have an excuse for not writing it down.  Pens, pencils and paper are no longer exclusively the tools of the ruling elite, they are readily available for even the most lowly among us to use.

I get a lot of ideas, and from now on I will be writing them down in a book I bought specifically for that purpose.  Ideas, even the great ones can be ephemeral if they are not given a place take root and grow into something real.  Most of the ideas that will go in my book will not be spectacular but maybe one or two of them will be great.