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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dave Cornthwaite and the Big Swim

Image courtesy of: www.davecornthwaite.com
Dave Cornthwaite is coming back to the river!  No not the Mississippi.  This time the intrepid adventurer will be swimming over 1000miles down the Missouri river.  That's right SWIMMING, over 1000miles!
"For 50 days, between August 10th and the end of September 2012, Dave Cornthwaite will be swimming 1000 miles along the Lower Missouri River in the USA, between Yankton, SD and St Louis, MO."
I have entertained the notion of swimming 100miles for the 100+Project, and decided to put it off for another time.  Frankly the thought of swimming 100miles seemed too big to wrap my head around.  When I heard the news that Dave was planning on swimming over 1000miles, my jaw hit the floor.  The I learned that Dave is not really much of a swimmer.  I wish him all the luck, but I fear this will be his most difficult challenge to date.

Dave won't be going it alone though.  You can go with him!
 "For the first time in six years Dave is opening up applications for a dedicated support team to join one of his expeditions; helping to create, document and ensure completion of the most testing acts of endurance in his career."
If you think you might have what it takes to be an Expedition 1000 team member visit Dave's website and learn more.

Trust me, if I could get the time away from work I would be there in a heartbeat.  In fact as he gets closer to the St Louis area I plan to offer any support I can give.  It's not often an opportunity like this presents itself so if you are available don't let it pass you by.

Good Luck Dave!
See You Soon!

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