"For an occurrence to become an adventure, it is necessary and sufficient for one to recount it." ~ Jean-Paul Sartre

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


On Saturday's long run something happened that hasn't happened in quite a while, I pulled up lame.  My ITB flared up on me in a very dramatic fashion.  It was very disappointing for two reasons, the first being that the first part of the run was great.  I mean GREAT!  I was killing it, running  smooth, and fast, everything was GREAT!  "So what is the second reason?" You ask.  I was just getting to that.  The second reason is that the Marathon is only six weeks away.  I have missed out on more of the training than I would have liked, and I feel like my goal of 3:30 is in serious jeopardy.  I am still going to try though, this race is going to be a PR or Bust.
I have been telling all my friends who ask my advice about how to treat ITBS that Foam Rollers are great.  Or so I heard because before Saturday I never had
to deal with the issue myself.  Guess what?  Foam Rollers are great...as torture devices.  Youtube is my go to resource for information about all kinds of things, so I turned to the "tube" for some advice on these things.  I watched a few videos and they all said it was going to hurt, but these were healthy people demonstrating what to do when you have a problem not people with ITB issues, so there were no grimaces, swearing or tears which left me with the impression that sure it was going to hurt but I could take it.  I ran out to my local Target and bought the Roller pictured here.  I was excited to get home so that the healing could begin.  Once home I put it on the kitchen floor and got down to start rolling.  I remembered the moves from the video, and got to work.  At the hip where I started it hurt but not too bad, I thought "this is going to be okay".  As I moved down toward my knee the pain became really intense, like the fire of a thousand suns, and I thought "holy Moses there is no way I am ever getting on this thing again, and I should call a lawyer to sue this company into the ground because this thing has got to be defective".  Well I have had some time to reconsider my position and I have used the roller quite a bit and it does get better.  I am feeling very optimistic that I will only need to take a week off, and then ease back into running with no problems.  I spoke to Matt a physical therapist at work and he said that it seems like I am doing everything that I should be doing to recover.  So after Saturday's disappointment I once again have hope that everything will fall into place.


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