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Friday, February 5, 2010

2009 Year End Review

So here we are the 2010 race season is fast approaching, once again I am training for the Go! St Louis Marathon.  I have a pretty ambitious time goal but I think it is achievable.  But before looking ahead to 2010 there is some unfinished business with 2009.  Rather than go into a detailed synopsis of each race I will sum up quickly with my general impression of how each race went.
Wild in the Woods This trail series is a favorite of mine I have participated three times in this series.  2008 was my fastest year by far.  I slowed down this year and I attribute it to not spending much time training on trails.  I wasn't unhappy with my performance but I knew I could have done much better.  Also because my dad was in the hospital I missed the 10 mile race at Indian Camp Creek park.  This was my first DNS ever under the circumstances I think it was acceptable.
Millstadt Biathlon I remember the hills and the rain.  The course was fast on the downhills, and I found myself wishing that the course was dry so I could really build up some speed.  One of the uphills forced me to get off my bike and push my way to the top.  What can I say I am not a strong rider, and I wasn't the only one that had to hop off.
Rt 66 10k This my must do race.  The first year of this race I decided to run it every year.  This year they held the race in October instead of June.  It was a cold morning, and I ran a good race, almost a minute faster than I ran the year before.  The Team Godzilla water stop was wild.  Because of the time of year the sun was lower in the sky when we came out of the tunnel before the water stop making it hard to see.  Team members always get "special" attention at this water stop. {side bar:  I keep using the term "water stop" but you don't stop, and it is actually more like a party than a water stop}  Now when I voluteered at the Fred Winters Memorial 10k I must have thrown 4 or 5 cup of water on Keith.  He was a good sport about it but I fully expected some form of retribution.  So there I was running out of the tunnel blinded by the sun people all around me.  I knew Keith was around somewhere, but where?  Someone ran up to me and tried to spray me with silly string but because it was so cold it didn't reall work.  So I escaped this time, I would say that I am constantly looking over my shoulder for him, but he is always in front of me.  I expect he will get me back one day probably when I least expect it.
Maryville Turkey Trot 5k  I hadn't planned on running this race but the Red 9 Runners decided to run it together, so I was in.  It was pretty good course, and I think we all had a good time.  I took 3rd in my age group, which was nice.  I don't take home hardware that often so I am always glad to get some.  Several Team Members took home awards.  The Red 9 Runners were well represented that day.
St Louis Track Club Marathon Relay This was our fastest year yet.  Team Quarter Pounders 3.0 rose to the occassion and took 3rd in the mixed open division with a time of 3:08:XX.  This year I teamed up with Megan as always and we recruited a couple of fast team mates, Kate and Matt.  Kate was great, great runner, and great team mate.  Matt had to bow out of the race because of an injured knee, so I called Jim as a last minute replacement, and he filled out the team nicely.  I think everyone ran really hard not wanting to be the slowest on the team.  In the end no one really cared who was the fastest, our time was just that "our" time.  There were several teams that I knew members of, it was really great knowing so many people to cheer for and in turn have them cheer for me.  The weather was much nicer than 2008 also.  2008 the temp was 14 degrees so we pretty much stayed in the car until it was time to change runners.  This time everyone was out on the street having a good time doing thier thing.
Great River Road 10mile Cheri talked me into running this race to support the Red 9 Runners, and I was glad that I did.  I felt great and ran a pretty decent race.  There were several members of both Team Godzilla, and Red 9.  I wore my red shirt for this one because I already met the requirements for Godzilla of the Year.  The course is pretty simple 5 miles out on the River Road, turn around and run back.  People either love this race or they hate it.  I love the river and thought it would be great to be out there running shoulder to shoulder witht the water that I can always hear calling to me.  As it turned out I was so focused on the race that I barely noticed the river at all.  I must get up to Grafton and rent some Kayaks with the family this summer.

Well that's it for 2009.  I competed in a bunch of races, met a bunch of great people, and had a great time through it all.
Here are some totals for the year in racing.
Running 151 miles
Cycling 153 miles
Swimming 450 meters
Paddling ~3 miles

2010 looks to be a pretty good year there are many exciting opportunities on the horizon.

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