"For an occurrence to become an adventure, it is necessary and sufficient for one to recount it." ~ Jean-Paul Sartre

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Riding My Bike To Pere Marquette State Park

I’m going to make another attempt at this today. Last time didn’t go so well but the flood waters have receded, and my bike has been repaired, so I should be able to make it. I hope to ride home also which would make 80 miles round trip. I expect that I will have to call Beth and have her pick me up somewhere along the way home. I am bringing some food, and plenty of water. I also will be carrying some spare inner tubes, and other accessories. I wish I had a small camera to take along so I could add some photos of the route. I think I will ask the kids if I can borrow one of theirs. Well I better get going so I can get ready to go. Wish me luck.

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