"For an occurrence to become an adventure, it is necessary and sufficient for one to recount it." ~ Jean-Paul Sartre

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Feb 29th

I was doing a little planning for some upcoming events and just happened to notice that 2012 is a leap year, which means one thing to me...LEAP DAY!

For about 16years now February 29th has been a very special day for me.  Here is my philosophy: every 4 years an extra day is added to the calendar to keep everything in order.  I see this extra day as a gift.  The best gift of all, Time.  The past 4 Leap Years I have taken Feb 29th off from work, and done whatever I wanted.  Four years ago I spent the day laying on the couch watching TV, not very productive but it's what I felt like doing so I did it.  The point is do what makes you happy.  Don't worry about others, surely whoever is in your life can survive without you for one day every four years.  Which is not to say you have to spend the day alone do what YOU want and don't let anyone tell you what you have to do.  Don't we spend enough time already engaged in activities not of our choosing.

This Feb 29th I hope you join me in doing whatever you want, the day comes once every four years claim it for your own, there's plenty of time to worry about everyone else until it rolls around again.

Start planning now and come up with something fun!

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