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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Secret Santa

A few weeks ago Fitness Training Log proposed a site wide Secret Santa.  Normally I don't get involved in stuff like that but it sounded interesting to me so I signed up and a few days later they sent me the name and address of my Secret Sant'ee.  The limit was supposed to be $15 including shipping.  I spent $15-ish dollars and ate the shipping cost (what the hell it's Christmas right?).
I read some of my target's posts and ended up buying her a couple of items for bicycle maintenance that I am always saying I should buy for myself.  I also threw in a Honey Stinger gel, bar, and waffle.  I was worried if she would like everything, and was pleased when she posted these nice words, "My Daily Mile Secret Santa better come clean, because I need to know who to thank for this package of awesome! :-)".  What relief!  I knew I would have been happy to receive that package but after all it wasn't for me.
A few days later I received a package from Cafe Press.  Inside the package was a nice stainless steel water bottle from my Secret Santa.  The circle was complete.  
I was glad the people at DailyMile did the whole Secret Santa thing.  I am not sure how many people use their website or how many people signed up for the gift exchange but I will do it again next year because it was kind of fun buying a gift for someone I have never met.
The saying on the water bottle got me thinking about another website called  Athlinks that collects race data.  I was surprised that they had data from various small time 5k's whose results were never posted online.  So in the spirit of the water bottle here is the link to my race results on Athlinks.  They don't have all the races but they certainly have quite a few.

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  1. Cool site...I wonder if they had the Bonifest run results earlier than the two months or so it took me to get them?

    I did a blog gift exchange. It was pretty fun, too, but that water bottle is great. Sounds like you did a pretty good job on what you sent.