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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Devil is in the Details

I am not a detail oriented person.  I am more of what you call a big picture type of guy.  Which is why there are two races on the schedule that are weighing heavily on my mind.  Two races that will require more than a half-assed approach.  My current methodology of registering and showing up on race day simply will not work.

The races are the MR340 and the OT100.  Both for me will be logistical nightmares.

For those of you that are not familiar with the MR340 it is a 340mile kayak/canoe race along the Missouri river from Kansas City to St Charles.  The OT100 is a 100mile foot race along the Ozark trail in southern Missouri.  These races are very similar in that they are both point to point races with many check points along the way.  I will need to figure out when I will arrive at these check points and what I will need when I get there.  During both races I will have a crew to assist me which is most excellent but I will have to instruct them on where to be, when to be there, and what I will need when I arrive.  Also they will need to know what to do if I am late arriving or if something out of the ordinary happens.  As an added bonus the OT100 has HEED electrolyte drink on the course, this wouldn't be a problem if I didn't hate the taste of it so much.  I have between now and November to figure that one out though.  It is actually simple carry my own or learn to like HEED.

Is 100miles too far to run for a belt buckle?

It is bad enough that physically these races are going to run me through the ringer but mentally they are going to grueling as well.

Luckily there is a very thorough crew guide on the MR340 website that someone made for last years race.  It will save me hours and hours of work, hours that I can use to dial in my OT strategy.

Things are looking better already.

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  1. My aunt crewed for the women who (I think) won last Year's MR340.

    I'm impressed with your ambitions. I'm rooting for you, but I may skip the race reports. I'm afraid any additions to my "want to do" list might put my husband over the edge. :)