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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Friends are Hilarious, My Coworkers Not So Much

Returning to work this week is certainly a disappointment but even more so are the low caliber nicknames that have been shopped around for me.  Really poor effort on their part.
Over the past three weeks I have been the butt of some well crafted puns, jabs, and wise cracks.  The level of comedic talent among my friends is astonishing especially since many of them don’t seem very bright.  They know who they are, well they probably don’t.  Anyway I was surprised by the quality of their efforts.  

Some of my favorites according to Kate:

Princess: Thumbelina

Cartoon character: Thumper

Fairy tale character: Tom Thumb

Song: "Thumbwhere Out There"

Commercial: Mounds/Almond Joy (Thumbtimes you feel like a nut...)

Food: Thumbkin pie

Casey was quick to point out that my favorite Happy Days character was Fonzi.
Any guesses as to what my favorite social media site is?
If you said Thumblr you’d be correct.

That is just a small portion of the comedy gold I’m talking about.  So when I got back to work I was kind of expecting a new round of thumb related comedy.  There was some muttering about the people who abducted me cutting my thumb off and mailing it to my family.  A good premise but it wasn’t taken very far and ended up falling flat.  I had to give it one and a half thumbs down.
Then it was decided I needed a nickname.  Why not?  They were all uninspiring, and the one that got the most traction was, wait for it...Mitre Saw!  
How bad is that?
They were quick to point out that the person being named has to hate the nickname, and the more he hates it the more it will stick.  I don’t hate it.  It is pretty egregious but I don’t hate it.  Mostly it makes me sad that they couldn’t come with anything better.  Sad for them.  

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  1. Mitre Saw? Lame!!

    Hope you get all healed up soon. Your injury is cutting into my available partners in crime. (Get it?)