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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Big Woods After the Storm

After the major storm that swept through the area Friday night it was necessary to go out to the Big Woods to survey the damage.  After every big storm there are fallen trees and limbs that need to be remove from the trail.  Occasionally re-routing the trail is necessary as well as rebuilding bridges.  Fortunately this time no re-routes or bridge building will be required, unfortunately however the number of downed trees and limbs is great.  It will take a massive effort to get everything cleared.  Luckily there is a work day planned for June 9th.

If you are familiar with the Big Woods on campus at SIUE then this next part will make sense.  If you aren't familiar then stop reading now and look at the photos below.

The worst damage that I came across was on the lollipop between the dorms and the slanty bridge.  A portion of the trail may have washed out but it was impossible to tell because there were so many downed trees and limbs to be sure.  After climbing over the debris I made my way farther and farther along the trail.  While surveying the damage it was almost easy to overlook the areas that had recently seen the working end of a weed eater.  Kudos to whoever has been managing the edges.

Most of the trail was passable but there was one other area that seemed better avoided until it can be cleared.  If you are starting at Korte and turn left as you enter the trail and head up the hill if you keep straight at the next intersection you will find the trail impassable, unless you enjoy climbing over and weaving through downed trees and branches.

Need to add some more boards here.

The least of our worries

Lollipop section.  I promise there is a trail there...somewhere.


Lollipop also.

Use caution when running down the trail lest you be impaled.

Turn right at Korte but don't forget to duck!


After this...

...comes this, green, green, and green.

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