"For an occurrence to become an adventure, it is necessary and sufficient for one to recount it." ~ Jean-Paul Sartre

Thursday, October 11, 2012

How I Registered for the Rock & Roll St Louis Marathon by Accident

In just over a month I will be running the Rock & Roll St Louis marathon.  Way back on National Running day (June 1st) RNR was offering a discount for registration.  In need of a Fall race to train for that would also be a springboard to running Kettle Moraine 100 in June 2013 I figured why not?  I hadn't run a marathon in a while and thought it might be fun to do a little PR chasing.
When I went to the website to register I was shocked by the cost.  Even with my $20 discount it was still $95!  Talk about expensive!  Now I wasn't certain if I wanted to run it anymore.  That's not entirely true.  I wanted to run it, but I didn't want to pay $95 for the priviledge.
I was sitting there with all my information filled out on the form.  Name, age, credit card, etc.  The debate in my head was going back and forth like a table tennis match.  Yes, No,Yes,No...and then it happened...my finger touched the track pad on my laptop and my fate was sealed. 

The important lesson here is never let your cursor hover over the button unless you are sure.

So that is the story of how I accidentally registered for the Rock & Roll St Louis marathon.  It's a cautionary tale.

Later I found out that there is a 50k the same day that some of my friends are running.  I would much rather run that race, and it was cheaper by almost half.  What a bummer.

My training for the marathon has been going well.  I ran my last long run at race pace and it looks like that PR is attainable.  If you see me in the corrals say hi and we can wish each other well on our 26.2 mile journeys.

While most people will be suffering from post-race depression I will be ramping up the miles training for the 100mile Kettle Moraine Endurance Run where my only goal will be to finish.  I'm looking forward to running a lot of really long miles out on the trails over the winter and into the spring.  If training for a 100mile race is not enough I will also be gearing up for a week long canoe trip (if I ever repair my canoe), and a really long hike on the Ozark Trail.

But first the marathon and the ever elusive PR!

Update since I wrote this draft:

After that last long run I mentioned my foot started to hurt.  I took it easy and ended up skipping my long run the next week.  The week after that it was feeling somewhat better so I ran 22miles with a friend, and wouldn't you know it that made it worse (our pace was still good and we even picked it up a bit at the end). Since then I have been resting and taking it easy hoping that it will be healed enough on race day for me to really go after that PR.  My current plan is to run for the PR and if it starts to hurt too bad I will DNF.  I have larger running goals ahead of me that require healthy feet so if the PR is out of reach then the marathon becomes more of a stumbling block than a stepping stone.

Wish me luck! I'll most likely need it.


  1. Good luck! Hope your foot behaves!

  2. Good luck Patrick! I'll be there running the half.