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Monday, August 20, 2012

Fancy a bit of a swim?

Why am I in a grocery waving a miniature Union Jack? You ask.
The answer is simple. Just sending a little love to Dave Cornthwaite and his team.
Dave once again had his passport stamped in the US. This time he is swimming 1000miles down the Missouri river. That's right swimming! He brought along a team with him this time to stand watch or more precisely paddle watch over him while he avoids all the dangers the river poses to a swimmer. The team is stand up paddle boarding on Lake Shore River Rovers (the same model Dave paddled down the length of the Mississippi river) and a Mad River canoe.
I've been following their progress and so far it has been interesting. They are doing this journey to raise money for Copp-a-Feel a breast cancer awareness charity.
Dave and the team still have a long way to go but they have grit as well as determination enough to see them through to the finish in St Louis.
You can learn more at swim1000.com.

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