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Sunday, June 27, 2010


Saturday, June 19th 2010 Rock Racing once again brought me up to active status to compete in the Goomna Adventure race in Highland, IL, and once again it was a scorcher.  I'm not sure if this year was hotter than last year because they were both crazy hot.  The heat index was supposed to reach 105degrees, and I'll guarantee that it did.  It is important to mention the heat because it was one of those swelteringly hot and humid Midwest summer days when all sensible people stay indoors where it is cool.  Not us though, we were about to embark on a physically exhausting race that would ultimately take us almost 7hours to complete.   So in case I wasn't clear before IT WAS HOT!   That about sums it up.
Robin sent out an email with instructions on where to meet, at what time and what to bring.  I got off easy and only had to bring a chair to sit in before and after the race.  I also noticed on the race instructions that each team needed to have a refuse bag so I brought that too.  It might seem like a minor thing but had there been any random gear checks we would have been covered.
I arrived really early because apparently I don't know how long it takes to drive to Highland.  I was waiting around and got bored so I took my bike out and rode over to the skatepark.  My plan was to ride around on the ramps but the area was too wet and I did not want to crash and get hurt before the race started so I rode back to the van.  I still had quite a bit of time before Chuck and Robin were to arrive so I drove over to Hardee's for some breakfast.  By the time I got back Chuck was there setting up the canopy and Robin was pulling in right behind me.
For more information on how the race went read Robin's report on the Rock Racing blog.

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