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Monday, December 14, 2009

Berryman Trail Update

Here we go.  Registration for the first Berryman Cup race will open on January 1st 2010.  The Berryman Trail 50mile/Marathon will take place on Saturday May 15, 2010.  I've heard some buzz about people being interested, but the time is drawing near to register, and I wouldn't advise waiting to the last minute as this race only allows around 150 entrants.  So as they say "think long, think wrong".  The information will be posted on the SLUG website within the next two weeks.  Which is why I can't give any information regarding registration fees, and other minor details of that nature.  I will be running the 50, and invite all of you to come out and run it with me.  I don't plan on running it very fast my only goal is to beat my time from two years ago, roughly 12.5 hours.  It is a good way to spend a day.
I still need to find a good finishers award.  I had something really awesome in mind but as it turns out it would have been very expensive.  Don't worry though it will be cool.
Now lets get this ball rolling!

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