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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Here's the deal...

So I've decided not to do the 100 mile race in April. My back went out again and I have missed too much training to feel comfortable going into a race that big. I was already behind on my training, and was relying on sheer force of will to get me through. I'm still going to run the 50 though so all is not lost, and barring any injuries I plan to run the Berryman 50 again this year. Not running the 100 is a big let down it is something I really wanted to do. I feel like I am going back on my word. I said I was going to do something and now I am not. Forces beyond my control have caused me to make this decision but that doesn't mean I have to like it.
In other news:
I signed up for a triathlon. The bike and the run will be no problem for me but the swim is going to be a real challenge. I plan to take swimming lessons at the Y to help learn efficient technique. I'm also in the Metro Tri Club's Fit To Be Tri'd program for first time triathletes my mentor whom I have yet to work with is a good swimmer, and from what I am told an all around great guy.
Last night was the Club's annual banquet. the food was not that great but as a vegetarian I've come to expect it from this sort of function. The presentation was great. The video of all races of the past year was fun to watch. I was even in the video eventhough I wasn't a member at the time. The club gives special recognition to what they call "Godzilla's of the Year". These are members who complete certain races and fulfill other requirements throughout the year. I have been thinking about going for it. However 4 of the events must be multisport. I was already planning on doing 2 so now I need to find 2 more. I am hesitant to do another tri with my swim being so questionable. The good news is that adventure racing counts as multisport, as well as biathlons (bike and run, no swim). I have until August to work on the swim so I'm thinking I should be alright by then, maybe I will do another tri...
This year in racing is going to be an interesting one that is for sure. I've had offers to be on several relay teams.

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