"For an occurrence to become an adventure, it is necessary and sufficient for one to recount it." ~ Jean-Paul Sartre

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Megan's 16th Birthday

On August 25th Megan turned 16. I can't believe how fast time goes by. Soon she will be driving, and she has already started a job hunt. Well as seems the tradition in our family when girls turn 16 they get a party. I personally don't get the reasoning behind it since the really is no rite of passage type event at that age, but I minored in Anthropology so there are many elements of our culture that have me puzzled. Beth told me none of this mattered because we were going to throw Megan a party anyway.
The party was held at the local KC hall and Megan's friends had a good time with the Karaoke machine. We had snacks and cake. I was the DJ. You can do a lot with Itunes and a laptop.

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