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Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Nuclear Option

I've often pondered what it might be like to have a training partner.  One that would hold me accountable for each and every workout.  A partner that would make sure their were consequences if I started to slack off.  One that didn't care what kind of day I had at work.

Meet Harper.

Harper is an 8week old Red Heeler or Australian Cattle Dog.  Back in the 1840's Australian cattle ranchers needed a dog to drive and herd cattle.  George Hall bred the droving dogs of the day with dingoes resulting in the Australian Cattle Dog.  The dogs far exceeded Mr. Hall's expectations.  They have very high energy and require a lot of exercise or they can develop destructive behaviors out of boredom.
You see if I get lazy and skip workouts this training partner will eat my couch in retaliation.  This may seem like a foolish plan, and it just might be, but I think it will work.
She is still too young to take running but in the week she has been with us I have been outside with her it seems like every hour that I am home.  All that time outside while not strenuous exercise for either one of us is time off the couch and time away from mindless snacking.
It's already working.

Harper and I are going to have many great adventures together.  In a couple of weeks we start obedience class, then the fun really begins!

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